Creating a new standard in bedside communication.

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The Future of Patient-Provider Interaction

Value-based purchasing. Patient satisfaction. Meaningful use. These are just a few of the building blocks healthcare organizations are employing to drive advances in patient-centered care. With reimbursement dollars at stake and patient experience a priority, hospitals are being challenged to elevate the standard of care delivery. Effective communication is the backbone of excellent patient care, but too often a weak link.

Starling® is a bedside communication system that presents a new paradigm for interaction at the point of care, empowering patients and providers with the right collaboration tools to improve outcomes and streamline communication processes. Our belief is that better communication yields better results.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Our intuitive interface uses universal icons with audio and text references in the patient’s native language for unprecedented ease of communication with providers. The interactive touch screen system is available in any language.

Empower and Engage Patients

Patients can easily articulate specific needs such as toileting, getting out of bed and reporting a problem. Simple two-way communication drives safety and satisfaction by empowering patients to request assistance with a single touch.

Keep Patients Safe

Monitor and Prioritize Patient Requests

Starling® can be easily configured to assign urgency ratings to any patient request. Providers are presented with an intuitive, color-coded dashboard and critical requests are escalated proactively.

Monitor and Prioritize Tasks

Streamline Provider Workflow

It’s a simple concept — get the right patient requests to the right provider the first time. Starling® facilitates workflow optimization by using configurable business rules to automatically route requests to the right providers or departments. Route tasks directly through Starling®, to mobile devices or seamlessly integrate with existing applications and workflows.

Starling Mobile

Leverage Data to Make Informed Decisions

Robust reporting tools allow access to Key Performance Indicators as well as detailed data. By improving transparency, Starling® empowers organizations to optimize workflows, increase accountability and leverage data to help create a world-class patient-centered care environment.

Improve Communication

The Starling® platform shows request history, lead time, and commonly requested items, facilitating patient-provider interaction. Providers can keep patients informed of each request’s status, driving better engagement and setting realistic expectations.

  • “On my way” notification
  • Provider on the way
  • Provider bed view
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  • “Water” request


Care providers are highly mobile, and Starling’s® mobile application gives them the communication tools they need when they’re on the move. Send alerts directly to patients to manage expectations, create and monitor real-time task updates and collaborate with easy delegation tools.

Starling Mobile Application Icons

About Us

Starling Innovations, Inc. is a thought leader in healthcare process optimization. We are improving quality by eliminating communication barriers directly at the bedside. Our technology is designed to give patients and care providers a new standard of collaboration tools to improve communication at the point of care.

Starling Innovations
1412 Broadway, 22nd Floor
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Meet the Team

  • Brian Yarnell

    Director of Operations

    Brian has been creating and commercializing startup technology in Business Intelligence, Consumer Products, Digital Media and Healthcare for over 10 years. He received his Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and International Business from Penn State University and is responsible for overseeing Starling’s® commercialization and day-to-day operations.

  • Kent Sims

    Business Development Manager

    Kent has more than 15 years of experience delivering innovative point-of-care healthcare technology to hospitals and leads our commercial sales effort. He has been a key member of three other healthcare technology startups that have all had significant commercial success.

  • Matthew Horoszowski

    Senior Engineer

    Matthew has more than 8 years of experience in all aspects of web app development that he currently uses in the management and support of StarlingHealth’s technology team. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Jobs at Starling®

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to join our team. If you’re interested in career opportunities at StarlingHealth, email your cover letter and résumé to


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